Campaign Students Level 2, 2+ and level 3.


This is designed to meet the English language needs of military personnel engaged in all operations including peace keeping, humanitarian assistance and training exercises.

Combining a rigorous language analysis of good English for specific purpose course, it deals with real issues that concern servicemen and women. Working with topic from the US, the UK, NATO and UN

Campaign 3 takes students from intermediate to level 3 of NATO’s STANAG 6001 System of level, this is equivalent to European council level C1.

Campaign 3 provides 200 hours of study materials, made up of 120 hours of class work in the student book backed by 80 hours of revision in the workbook.

Alpha introduces the topic and key vocabulary of the whole unit.

Charlie focuses on everyday English-non-military situations which will come up during foreign posting.

Echo revises the language from the unit and provide language practise through real life scenarios and case studies.

Champaign 3 is made up of 12 units.

For this as with other studies commitment and self-discipline is essential, you will be expected to complete homework assignment and attend lessons for a minimum of two hours per week.

For further information, please use the contact form or telephone, additionally if you have the time just call in at the academy.

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